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our strategies to shift culture

The Culture Change Strategy Group worked in 2016 and 2017 to identify five priority areas and approximately two dozen strategies to be implemented nationwide that will shift culture, dismantle abortion stigma, and realize our vision for abortion.

These strategies are here as an open-source resource to the movement: you and your organization can adapt, adopt, or get inspired by any of them. Some are already being implemented by former CCSG members or other organizations; contact us to learn more about the status of any strategy.

Check out the strategies and get ready to make culture shift happen!

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#Black abortions matter

How can we address the anti-choice appropriation of Black liberation language and strategies?

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messaging mujeres

How can we get more diverse, complex abortion stories into the media?

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quality care providers

How can we effectively address poor experiences of abortion care without added stigma or shame?

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Holy Shift!

How can we clearly articulate the moral and religious case for abortion access?

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The man group

How can we bring supportive but disengaged men into greater solidarity with reproductive health, rights, and justice?

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