Our values

Our Values for working together as a movement

In order to successfully achieve this vision, we must dismantle white supremacy and be an anti-racist movement that is:

  1. Intersectional: Our movement must center, trust, and listen to the voices and leadership of our most marginalized communities, including people of color, queer and trans people, and young people.
  2. Collaborative: We must engage each other in bold collaboration that heightens our impact, draws on the broad wisdom of our networks, and recognizes the power in our differences.
  3. Self-Aware: We must bring a willingness to challenge our own assumptions and understand our impact on others.
  4. Empathetic: We must seek out and listen to people’s truths and develop our capacity to meet people where they are.
  5. Committed to Wellness: We need to care for the wellbeing of people in this field by fostering environments where people can bring their whole selves and can take care of themselves.
  6. Equitably and Strategically Resourced: We must equitably distribute resources within our movement to support the work and leadership of people of color. We must also recognize that artists and creatives are integral to our work and compensate them for their time, creativity, and leadership. We advocate for greater investment in advocates capable of reaching non-traditional allies such as people of faith and cisgender men.
  7. Innovative and Impactful: We believe in trying new ideas, taking risks, and measuring success.

Our Values As A Strategy Group

  1. 1. We believe in justice, love, liberty, and opportunity for all people.
  2. 2.We regard access to abortion as a human right, a family value, and a positive social good in this world.
  3. 3.We won’t apologize for our support of abortion and we demand agency over our reproductive and sexual experiences, our bodies, and our pleasure.
  4. 4. We celebrate great sex and communication.
  5. 5.We are for access to quality sexual and reproductive health care and comprehensive sexuality education.
  6. 6. We pursue equity, freedom, and empowerment – highlighting and lifting up people of color and marginalized communities.
  7. 7. We seek change through transnational feminism, queer liberation, and racial justice, and are committed to dismantling all systems of oppression.
  8. 8. We represent radical inclusion, artistic freedom, creative courage, and expression.
  9. 9. We are here to make change through healing and transforming the stigmatizing narrative around abortion with the voices of those most affected by oppression.

Let’s work, create, fight, love, and support one another until the change we are envisioning is actualized.

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